Freely we must give


I have been immensely inspired by friends and family that are going through tough times with children that are suffering with illnesses, diseases and disorders. So much so that I have decided what we have to support them in the next 30 days. Life has her ups and downs and as long as we do not reside on an island isolated , we need to serve our friends.

Freely we have received and freely we must give (Matt 10:5-8)

My “I am’s’ are going to change to “we are’s” ,so this is an open invitation to everybody who would like to join!


Springbok Atlas

Springbok Atlas


We would like to thank you for the donation of R15000.00 made to our Organisation. The donation was used to renovate our Reading Power Program Centre. As we have promised to send you the picture. See attached pictures before and after the renovation.


Our children and staff are enjoying the comfort; it makes the environment look professional and good for learning and to do administration, they said.

We also thank you for sending tourists to come and visit our staff and especially the children. We recently had a group from New Mexico that left us with stationery’s  and thank you tips to our staff as well as games to play with the children.