Quarterly report


Month: April- June 2016

Name of the organization: Sizabantwana

  • The team had support from NACCW (Mentor) for preparation of HCT audit on the 04 -05 April 2016, on the 07 April 2016 we had HCT audit at Nhlengelo.
  • The team managed to renew their practice number with SACSSP and submitted their proof of payment.
  • During April 2016, 612 children received services
  • Three young people graduated at Marite Youth Development Center, one young person got a job.
  • Freedom day was celebrated at the Informal Safe Park.
  • 24 Children received school uniform during April 2016.
  • Two families received special food parcel from Sizabantwana, and one received mattress.
  • Two young people attended young women and young men empowerment programme that was arranged by NACCW from 27-03-2016 to 02-04-1016. Team had debriefing session from psychologist on the 12 April 2016.
  • Team is meeting regularly for team meeting and in-service traing. During May 2016 six families develop food garden.
  • On the 20 May 2016 the Department of Social Development officials were invited to come and in-service the team about support groups, it was successful.
  • Three children received Identity Document during May 2016.
  • Change of roles has been done in the team, project manager now is a coordinator and one of the supervisors now is a project manager.
  • During May 2016 595 children received services.
  • We have been receiving mentorship monthly.
  • 23 Matriculate were supported this quarterly, and they were also given previous question papers, calculators and dictionary.
  • We have celebrated child protection week, wearing green ribbons.
  • The team had training on person Doll on the 31 May 2016.
  • The team have food gardens as a way of raising funds for work related matters and also to contribute towards nutrition of our beneficiaries.
  • Eight families received mattress from Sizabantwana.
  • We had visitors from the United State of America from 19-23 June 2016, they have given children CYCW gifts and 12 families received food parcels.
  • CYCW were part of ICrop event that took place at Marite Community Hall on the 24 June 2016.
  • 582 children received services during June 2016.
  • 27 families developed food garden during June 2016.
  • 17 children received sanitary pads.
  • 298 children received clothes.
  • 77 children received sheets.
  • 30 children received towels
  • 04 safe parks received toys and 43 children received fitted sheet.
  • Three CYCW attended stakeholders meetings at Marite Community Hall and on the 13 June 2016 we did awareness at Halemela School.
  • Three CYCW attended plannery meetings for ICrop at Marite SASSA office on the 14 June 2016.
  • From 21-23 June 2016 three CYCW had training for Youth Development at Marite community Hall.


NACCW has stopped with training and we don’t know when the training will start again. However our team is left with one module to finish up the whole CYCW training. The team was not sure about what is meant by support groups. The other challenge is that we have poor safe park facilities and poor attendance because of lack of refreshments.


The management will be working on recruiting a new supervisor. The team will start implementing support groups. CYCW will recruit more children to meet their target. Looking forward to celebrate Mandela’s day with our beneficiaries.