Thank you Hazyview congregation and the compassion team for your support and involvement with Sizabantwana’s Mandela Day. Thank you for the Cup Cakes that were more than enough for everyone.

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Thank you for staying together and making Sizabantwana’s children happy and reflecting the light of Jesus upon them.


What a fantastic day we had with the kids, drumming the day away. Each kid received 2 drumsticks and a “drum” to play on. Past. De Wett was showing the kids how to play a basic beat, but it did not take long before they all were playing along with the rhythm of the guitar. There are many barriers in life that separate people from one another, but music is a tool that joins all cultures and age groups. What a blessing it was to make music together under the African sky.

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There were lots of fun activities that the kids could enjoy.

Face paint, soccer, netball, music / drumming games and balloon games.

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