Get involved and join our Friends of Sizabantwana programme

Through us you can care, support and empower the future of our destitute children. We undertake to give you regular feedback on the impact of your investment, through newsletters and reports. You are also welcome to visit any of our care centres to see the difference you are making

SizaBantwana currently provides care and support for around 750 children, orphaned or made vulnerable as a result of HIV/Aids.

What we do for the children

Provide safe communal facilities or care centres where volunteers cook food, serve meals and have daily gatherings with the children. We recruit volunteer caregivers to support the children’s primary needs and development.

Sizabantwana addresses their immediate needs and the larger issues in the community, and we strive to ensure that they have a bright and hopeful future.

What is our VISION and what are our DONATIONS used for?

  • The provision of basic needs to OVCs and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Providing training and educational activities for the community.
  • Creating community development projects for self-sustainability.
  • Giving children hope and skills for a brighter future.
  • Building on and expanding the successes of Sizabantwana in other communities.

The goal of Sizabantwana is to establish a care, support and empowerment program for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our current projects

  • Sizabantwana is an implementing partner of a child and youth care programme called ISIBINDI for the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW). This programme comprises a group of 12 CYCW (child and youth care workers) that identified orphans and vulnerable children at their homes.

    Donated: R0.00
    Donated: R0.00
  • This is a software program designed to assist children to improve their English language skills. With the support of a trained mentor and two facilitators, they work on their reading abilities, improving their reading speed, comprehension, spelling and language exercises and get to develop basic computer skills.

    Donated: R0.00
    Donated: R0.00
  • This project is located in Alexandria Trust, Bushbuckridge. The project consists of 5 passionate Child Care Workers from the community to support the orphans and vulnerable children. Currently there are 109 children receiving care and support at this centre. This program functions in a garage.

    Donated: R0.00
    Donated: R0.00
  • This project is located in Marite, Bushbuckridge, was opened in July 2008. Initially it cared for 30 children, but the number of children grew rapidly to 90 by the end of 2008. the project functions from a double garage attached to a private home of one of the volunteers. The facility is very basic with cooking and storage.

    Donated: R0.00
    Donated: R0.00

Children needs

Children attending this project do not only need food, but also love and tender care.


Provide training and education to children, their caregivers (whether family members or volunteers), and the community as a whole.


Provide safe communal facilities or care centres where volunteers cook food, serve meals and have daily gatherings with the children.


Provide food, clothes and other basic requirements, arranges clinic visits for health assessments and manages medication needs.